Treasure the Moments with Your Children

So, teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts to wisdom.
- Psalms 90:12

As we embark on graduation season, many memories flood my mind of all the graduations that I’ve attended. Even after being part of the past 45 High School graduations at Westwood Christian School, I still get sentimental as we prepare to say goodbye to the Class of 2021. What an honor it is to see these young people move on into the world of new opportunities-opportunities to make a difference for the Lord! Let us pray for them, that their faith will remain strong and unshakable for God’s honor and glory.

I am reminded that God gives us approximately 936 weeks of time to be with our children from birth to graduation. We all have a vast responsibility, to God first and then to our children to raise them up to be Jesus' followers. I came across a post that helps us visualize the time line mentioned below by filling a jar with 936 pennies and then removing one penny each week. Keep a journal close by and jot down a few sentences about the past week. How will you invest your remaining time with your children?

Weeks Remaining:

  • 936 Weeks – From birth
  • 468 Weeks – By the time they reach third grade
  • 208 Weeks – When your child reaches high school
  • 100 Weeks – By the time they get their driver’s license
  • 52 Weeks – When they start their senior year and prepare to enter college