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Westwood Christian PTO

PTOParentsDear Parents:

Welcome! It is exciting to begin a new school year. The PTO has so many plans and so many ideas to fulfill in this new school year. We know, however, that we can only make this a reality if we have parents who want to passionately get involved; this is why I am reaching out to you. Every year the leaders and I plan our year in advance, but we always look forward to what the Lord has in store. Meeting our new members and welcoming our returning members is always encouraging. Many beautiful relationships have developed throughout the years, thanks to our WCS PTO family. I pray you will join our PTO! It is a great way of being a part of your child's life and making a difference where they spend the majority of each day.

Although many parents express that they have limited time to volunteer, we believe all parents can help in some way. We always find a way to use the time you so lovingly offer to this organization, especially if you have a true desire, commitment, and willingness to serve.

To join Westwood Christian’s PTO, you simply need to fill out the registration form below and agree to the $35.00 annual fee that will be charged to your FACTS account. Once you are a member, your membership will renew automatically and the annual fee will be charged at the beginning of each new school year. If you choose not to renew your membership for the next school year, you must notify the PTO organization via email before September 1, 2019 or send a letter or email to the School Business Office. Your membership will then be removed from the PTO roster.

We look forward to your being part of our growing PTO family. Our wish is that you will be able to develop long-lasting relationships with other parents as you contribute and partake in your children’s school memories.

Barbie Bernaldo, PTO Director


Meet Your Leaders

Fine Arts Team

The PTO Fine Arts team was created to assist with Westwood Christian School's Fine Arts events, including

  • Picture Day
  • FACCS Competition
  • Christmas Concert
  • Spring Concert

We are excited about the opportunity to work with such a talented group of students and teachers.

Mrs. Helen Figuerero works with the Fine Arts team. According to Mrs. Figuerero, "We support the band and the choir during the Christmas and Spring concert with fund raising through bake sales and miscellaneous duties. We also promote the concerts via emails and poster. In addition, we organize the FACCS competition hosted at WCS in April."



The Student/Teacher Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) Team was created to recognize teachers and students throughout the school year.

Student Recognition: quarterly certificates for elementary students:

  • Academic improvement.
  • Academic performance.

Teacher Appreciation:

  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Staff Continental Breakfasts, three times a year

All these activities are supported through donations and PTO fundraisers.


Events Team

Mrs Rosemarie Caro is the leader of the Events Team. According to Mrs. Caro, "The events team coordinates and helps execute special events for the purpose of raising school funds. On occasion we also assist with coordinating community service outreach events that showcase the school and its students."


PTO Registration

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