Westwood Christian Schools are fully accredited through FACCS (Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools) and MSA (Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools) and NCPSA (National Council for Private Schools Accreditation).  Westwood Christian has received a 5year term of accreditation, the highest ranking possible, signifying there is substantial evidence that a level of acceptability and progress will continue for a five-year period when a full re-evaluation and visit will occur. The accreditation process holds our school accountable for a complete documentation of an intensive appraisal of each component of our ministry.

1. Westwood Christian School emphasizes student development of moral character and personal virtue.

2. Westwood ChristianSchool graduates are significantly more likely to pray and read scripture both alone and with family.

3. Westwood Christian Schools believe in biblical accuracy in scientific and historical matters.

4. Westwood Christian graduates are more likely to attend religious services and respect the authority of church leadership.

5. Westwood Christian holds among their top priorities: for students to have a close, personal relationship with God and for students to develop a Christian worldview.


1. Since 1959 Westwood Christian students usually score higher than the national norm in each grade level achievement test.

2. Westwood Christian students read at least one grade level above the national averages as measured on a national achievement test.

3. Westwood Christian students average more required core credits in mathematics, science, English, biblical studies, civics, social studies, and music than many other programs.

4. Westwood Christian graduates attend college at a significantly higher rate than the national average. 

5. Westwood Christian graduates are more likely to obtain more years of higher education than their public school peers.


 1. Westwood Christian graduates donate significantly more money to their churches, religious causes, and other charitable causes.

2. Westwood Christian school is involved in mission projects worldwide.

3. Westwood Christian graduates give more of their time to volunteer in their church and community than their peers.

4. Westwood Christian school students are heavily involved in community service, politics, and fine arts.

5. Westwood Christian graduates have a strong sense of direction in their lives and are more confident in their ability to deal with life challenges than their peers.

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