High school students need a broad foundation so that they don’t limit their future choices. Substantial coverage of language, mathematics and the sciences gives students an excellent preparation to proceed with confidence to the colleges of their choice.


The College Board recommends that students take at least five solid academic classes each semester in order to be prepared for college and to avoid remedial, non-credit classes. “Be aware that simply meeting graduation requirements might not be enough to prepare you for the rigors of college. Going beyond the minimum will increase your chances of performing successfully at the college level.”1


With so many college-entrance examinations and college applications requiring compositions, WCS has chosen to emphasize long-term development of writing skills. Programed Grammar (grades 7-10) provides students with the grammatical tools necessary to be ready for the college-preparatory writing that will be taught in eleventh and twelfth grades.


Colleges are looking for balanced students; being involved in a variety of activities indicates that students have individual goals, long-term commitment and experience. Day-to-day interaction with other students and with teachers provides Westwood Christian School’s students many opportunities to develop the social skills necessary to function in social situations. Additionally, special events, community service opportunities, fund raisers and field trips help students work together toward common goals. In-class activities and group projects help students develop leadership skills and a sense of fair play.

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