Our faith is not just one element of our school program that is tacked on to academics and extracurricular activities. Our faith is the lens through which we see and experience every event, not only in school but also in the other elements of our lives.

Spiritual emphasis activities provide regular times of fellowship around God’s Word. These times provide students concentrated focus on the teachings of Scripture so that they can continue in their walk with the Lord and encourage each other.


Bible Class

Bible classes meet each day. Preschool and elementary classes have a dedicated time in their day to study the Scriptures; middle and high school students take Bible as an academic course. Students study Bible lessons that are appropriate for their age level. Students learn the plan of salvation, learn about Biblical characters, explore positive character traits, study specific books of the Bible, survey larger portions of the Bible and study Bible doctrine.   

The primary text is the Bible (please make sure students have a KJV for WCS classes). Other materials are purchased from a variety of publishers, including the Wilds, Positive Action for Christ, Bob Jones University Press and Understanding the Times.



Chapel services are held weekly. Chapel is a place for worship, not entertainment. Chapel is an opportunity for students to worship together and learn truths from God’s Word. Music and special music are led by students. Speakers come from the WCS faculty and students as well as special guests.

While the focus is on worship and learning, from time to time, special presentations that fall in that framework may also take place. Guest speakers make presentations: individuals representing colleges, missionaries sharing their fields and WCS graduates telling of God’s work in their lives.

Thanksgiving and Christmas chapels each year are some of the favorite chapels for students in grades 6-12. Students share musical selections and give testimonies of Gods’ work in their lives.


Junior-Senior Retreat

The Junior-Senior Retreat is a three-day event for upperclass students. The retreat takes place in the first month of school, providing students with a positive foundation for the school year. From Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon, students compete (Capture the Flag, Dodge Ball, Bible Quizzing), listen to chapel messages and develop relationships with their teammates. While the event is memorable for the games and competitions, the long-lasting impact of the retreat comes from the decisions that students make as they hear God’s Word preached.


War of Special Forces

The War of Special Forces is a week-long event that involves both competition and evangelism. Students look forward to the War because they enjoy the games, but they remember the event because they make life-long decisions.   

According to their website, “Minutemen Ministries began to minister in Christian schools of America with the heart not only to see lost teens saved, but also Christian school students revived. Jesus did not just die to deliver sinners from the penalty of sin, but He also died to deliver sinners from the power of sin as well. This ministry combines the revival emphasis of a school camp with the classic evangelistic emphasis that characterizes Minutemen Ministries in one intense week of competition and spiritual growth.”


 Partners in Prayer

As part of the chapel program, students in grades 6-12 meet once each quarter with their Partners in Prayer groups. PIP times are a time of devotions, prayer and fellowship with smaller groups of students.

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