Westwood graduates are working in many career fields and occupations. Our graduates have earned all levels of college degrees from an impressive list of colleges.

Annapolis Naval Academy

Harvard University

Southeastern Bible College

Auburn University

Houghton College

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Baptist University of America

Hyles-Anderson College

Tennessee Temple University

Barry University

Indian River Com. College

Trinity Baptist College

Baylor University

Johnson-Wales College

Tulane University

Bob Jones University

Liberty University

University of Arkansas

Boston University

Massachusetts Institute of  Technology

University of Central Florida

Caregie-Mellon University

Miami Christian College

University of Florida

Chriswald Seminary

Miami-Dade College

University of Massachusetts 

College of William  & Mary

New York University

University of Miami

Colorado State University

Niagara College

University of North Carolina

Cornell University

Nova Southeastern University

University of North Florida

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Oral Roberts University

University of Notre Dame

Florida Atlantic University

Orlando University

University of Pennsylvania

Florida Gulf Coast University

Pace University

University of Phoenix

Florida Institute of Technology

Pensacola Christian College

University of So. California

Florida International University

Rice University

University of South Florida

Florida State University

Saint Thomas University

University of West Florida

Grinnell College

Samford University

Valencia Com. College

Hampton-Sydney College 

 Santa Fe Com. College

Ward Stone College


West Point Military Academy

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