Many kindergarten programs expect students to enter with the ability to recognize letters and numbers, trace and cut with scissors, have social skills such as the ability to follow classroom rules and obey authority.  Many children who complete their preschool education at Westwood Christian Preschool go above and beyond the basic capabilities that are required for kindergarten entrance.  In fact, many pre-kindergarten students can read simple one-and two-vowel words and even sentences.  Most students can clearly write their name as well as many other words and numbers.  In regards to social development, classroom rules are based on Biblical principles such as kindness, respect, and obedience.  


  • Lessons from Old and New Testament.
  • Story retelling
  • Incorporating Bible truths into daily living
  • Prayer, memory verses and songs

Phonics and Reading

  • Recognize vowels and sounds
  • Recognize consonants and sounds
  • Learn to blend two letters together:

Ex:  ta, te, ti, to, tu

  • Learn to sound one-vowel words.
  • Learn long vowel sounds

Phonics and Reading

  • Learn to sound two-vowel words
  • Reading Circles begin during 2nd semester


  • Students learn cursive writing in a program that is correlated with their phonics.


  • Learn to recognize and understand the concepts of numbers.
  • Count 1-100
  • Write numbers 1-20
  • Distinguish between more or less and before and after numbers
  • Simple combinations
  • Move from concrete to abstract
  • Ordinal Positions (e.g., first, second)

Language Development

  • Activities that encourage thinking, build vocabulary and strengthen comprehension
  • Introductory Spanish

Health, Science and Social Studies

  • Emphasis on hygiene and dental health
  • Hands on experiments
  • Learn about maps, other countries, cultures, animals, and children of the world.
  • Community helpers, ethnic groups 
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