Westwood Christian School has a standardized dress program. Most items should be purchased at AA Uniform Company. Students 

are permitted to wear only school uniforms inside the school building. Jackets that are zip-up or button-up should be purchased from the school On cold days, non-Westwood jackets and pullovers 

will be allowed in the school building as long as they are appropriate and non-offensive. No sweater or coat may be worn wrapped around the waist. Hoods are not to be worn within the building.

Footwear is to be sneakers or dress shoes. Work boots, sandals, flip-flops and crocs are inappropriate footwear for students at school. Footwear must have a back around the heel of the foot. The color of the footwear should be conservative in nature. All students should wear socks that match. 

Tatoos, body markings or forms of piercing (other than earrings for girls) and unusual hair colorin

g/dyes are not permitted (Leviticus 19:28). Since fads and fashions are constantly changing, the administration reserves the right to determine what is acceptible in the areas of hair styles or accessories with the uniform. Anything which, in the judgment of the administration

Please see the Student Handbook for specific elements of the school uniform., is likely to distract or disturb the other students and interfere with the desired 

educational enviornment will not be permitted. Students who violate the dress code will face disciplinary measures. Unwillingness to conform to the dress code will result in dismissal.


School sweatshirts and hoodies are the only sweatshirts that are approved for wearing during the school day. Orders will be placed at the book sale before school begins. Some sweatshirts may be available for purchase the first week of school. Please purchase these items at this time; only a limited quantity will be available throughout the school year.

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