Art: age-appropriate projects introduce art ideas and skills

Language Arts: phonics, reading skills, practice through enjoyable stories, informative nonfiction selections, character qualities


Social Studies: community helpers, geography, American history, world cultures


Writing: begins with cursive

Arithmetic Number Skills K, Number Skills Tablet


History/Social Studies

Language Arts: My Blend and Word Book; Penny Porcupine; The Little Pie; Jesus Helps; Letters and Sounds K5; Writing with Phonics K5 (Cursive); Kindergarten Writing Tablet

God’s World, K5 Science

Spanish Spanish Worktext Step 1

First Grade

Arithmetic 1, Student Tests and Speed Drills


Bible Primary Bible Reader

Health, Safety and Manners

History and Geography: My America and My World, Community Helpers Activity Book

Language Arts: Language, Bible Friends Activity Book; Phonics Letters and Sounds; Reading Fun with Pets; Tiptoes; Stepping Stones; Secrets and Surprises; The Bridge Book; Animals in the Great Outdoors; Kind and Brave; Aesop’s Fables; Strong and True; Down by the Sea; Spelling and Poetry 1; Writing with Phonics 1 (cursive); Cursive Writing Tablet

Science 1, Science 1 Activity Manual

Spanish Worktext Step 2

Second Grade

Arithmetic 2, Speed Drills

Art Projects 2

History and Geography: Our America

Language Arts: English 2 Worktext; A Handbook for Reading, Letters and Sounds 2; Story Tree; Treasure Chest; Growing Up Where Jesus Lived; All Kinds of Animals; Primary Bible Reader; Spelling and Poetry 2; Writing with Phonics 2 (cursive); Tablet: Writing

Science 2, Science 2 Activity Manual

Spanish Worktext Step 3

Third Grade

Arithmetic 3, Speed Drills

Art Projects 3

Bible: Growing with God

History and Geography: Our American Heritage, Student Map Study Skills Book

Language Arts: English 3 Worktext; Reading Text 3A; Once Upon an Open Book; Reading Text 3B; Not So Very Long Ago; Reading Worktext; Spelling and Poetry 3; Cursive Writing Skillbook

Science 3, Science 3 Activity Manual

Spanish Worktext Step 4

Fourth Grade


Art: Art Projects 4

Bible: Bible Truths 4

History and Geography: The History of Our United States

Language Arts: English 4 Worktext; Reading text: I Met You in a Story; Reading Worktext; Medallion; Sheriff at Waterstop; Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry 4; Penmanship Mastery 1

Science/Health: Science 4 Text, Science 4 Activity Manual

Spanish: Spanish Worktext Step 5


Fifth Grade:


Art Projects 5B

Bible Truths 5

History and Geography: Old World History and Geography, Old World History and Geography Maps and Activities

Language Arts: English Worktext; Reading text: Pages in My Head; Reading Worktext: Deerwood, Inc.; The Secret of the Golden Cowrie; Spelling, Vocabulary, Poetry 5; Writing/Creative Writing: Penmanship Mastery I

Science/Health: Science 5 Text, Science 5 Activity Manual


Spanish: Spanish Worktext: Step 6

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