At Westwood Christian School, we believe that parents play a vital role in our school and that their involvement is essential to support the various goals of our educational program. The purpose of the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is to provide support to the academic program, to plan school events and fundraisers that will finance special projects, equipment, and activities that will benefit the student body, and to make a difference in the school where our children spent the majority of their day.  This organization is committed to supporting our entire student body and our amazing WCS faculty. 

We welcome and encourage all parents to become members and participate in the PTO.  There is a special place for every parent at the WCS PTO.  Whether you can be highly active in your involvement or just occasionally help out, we cherish your support and enthusiasm for our school and for the many projects we undertake.

Some of the main benefits of belonging to the PTO are that involvement gives parents the opportunity to be involved in their children’s academic school years and it allows parents to guide their children as they are forming some of their lifelong relationships. Parental support helps to provide the best learning environment for students to be well-rounded and academically successful.

The PTO Director and Team Leaders meet monthly to maintain structure and communication within the organization. Team Leaders may also schedule additional periodic meetings with their team members to discuss ideas and plan special projects and fundraising activities. Those wishing to become members will need to fill out a membership form and pay a nominal $25.00 PTO fee.

PTO members assisted WCS administration throughout the year in many events:

                God and Mom Time

                Spaghetti Supper


                Teacher Appreciation

                Spring Concert

                Christmas Concert

                Special Fundraisers

                Hosting events, including FACCS Competitions.

We thank you for your support and appreciate your interest in YOUR WCS PTO!

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